Domenico Del Morino began working as a blacksmith around 1875 manufacturing hatches, axes, wedges and small ploughs made of wood and iron.
Then, after the war, Arcangelo, Nevio and Vito built a new workshop to expand the commercial activity to the whole Tuscany.

The commitment and sacrifice of the family for 150 years has been turning a small activity of craftsmen into a thriving company.

Today, Daniele and Andrea Del Morino are making QUALITY and INNOVATION the core of their business management.


The plant of Del Morino srl has a total area of 10.000 square meters.
There, all the main production processes take place and all the machinery is manufactured.
Laser cutting of metal sheets and tubes, automatic bending machines and lathe with CNC control, robotic welding process, automatic electrostatic powder coating.
This provides substantial room to develop productivity and operational performances as well as great flexibility in product prototyping.
All workplaces are organized according to the certified quality standard.


  • Certified premium quality materials
  • 3D laser cutting machines of metal sheets and tubes
  • Automatic bending machines with CNC control with robotic manipulators
  • Hydraulic press for 300 ton moulding
  • Automatic CNC lathe machines with bar power supplier
  • High speed CEMB balancing machines
  • Automatic welding areas
  • Automatic painting system, no noxious products used (lead, cadmium, etc.)
  • Post painting assembly departments, inspections and tests carried out according to procedures of certified quality
  • Optimized loads to reduce transport costs and simplify materials handling.


“Together, we translate new views into action, to succeed in a complex scenario”.
Each link in the production chain adds value to the products through their own skills: commercial employees, technicians, engineers, programmers, workers, owners and the marketing office.
Honesty, transparency, innovation, social and environmental responsibility are the main values, the result of a strong and recognized cultural identity, in which Del Morino is identified.
This identity, created by the entrepreneurial style of the founders, has been gradually strengthened in over 150 years of tradition, experience and behaviours, becoming one of the most important resources of the Company.

As a part of its ongoing commitment to quality, Del Morino srl
established a new organizational structure in accordance with UNI 9001 2000 directives respecting norms for the protection of workers and environment. It is also committed to the control and safety of workplaces and to reduce the emission of pollutants related to the production.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability has always been our hallmark. Del Morino S.r.l. was founded and has grown for generations, with a spirit that obliges us to care and protect the environment.
Immersed in the distinctive and green valleys of Caprese Michelangelo, Del Morino S.r.l. is continually striving to achieve energy neutrality of its own activities and to develop green areas around the factory.
In the early 2000’s our first photovoltaic system produced an energy efficiency of 45% with its 1500 square meters of surface, which produced 150 kw of clean energy.

In the second half of the 2000’s two more photovoltaic systems were installed with 150 and 200 kWh respectively.
This year another 120 kWh went on-line and the same number will be added in 2020, so that we will surpass the threshold of 100%, neutralizing all our energy production needs through solar energy.
This integrated photovoltaic system covering more than 6000 square meters also reduces our CO2 emissions by more than 400 tons per year.
For over 10 years Del Morino S.r.l. has been working to develop a small electric tractor and with the RINO is now a protagonist in the drive to prevent the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. The RINO is also appreciated by the public and it’s operators for its low noise levels.


  • 1964 AREZZO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, INDUSTRY AND AGRICULTURE Certificate with Gold Medal for 104 years of uninterrupted activity
  • 1968 368° NATIONAL FAIR OF GROTTAFERRATA Certificate of merit
  • 2004 AREZZO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, INDUSTRY, CRAFTS AND AGRICULTURE Award for loyalty to work and economic development
  • 2012 AREZZO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 20° edition of School-Work project
  • 2016 AREZZO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, INDUSTRY, CRAFTS AND AGRICULTURE Honorable mention for young entrepreneurship



Orders of spare parts and accessories can be also placed through an online platform,
thus allowing a quicker fulfillment and delivery in record time.
Customers can count on a prepared and reliable service.


We offer quick and reliable customized delivery solutions, committing to a fast and safe delivery, for a total amount of more than 2000 shipments per year worldwide.


Customers expectations are always at the heart of all our activities.
Therefore, customer satisfaction and loyalty to the company are the parameters for achieving success.