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IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING: the electric powered RINO!


The new multifunctional tractor with zero emissions!


Today many public institutions, companies and organizations, both public and private, are looking for solutions to maintain parks and green areas in an environmentally friendly way, especially with regard to reducing noise and air pollution. With the new electric powered tractor, RINO, the Italian manufacturer DEL MORINO, supplies the answer. After years of testing, RINO is now a reality and ready to be launched both nationally and internationally.

An electrically powered unit

RINO is powered by an electric motor and has characteristics, which make it a cross-over between a compact tractor and a riding lawn mower. It is homologated for use on public roads and could easily be mistaken for a big diesel- powered riding lawn mower with its easily accessible driving position, but it does not have a diesel engine nor any other thermic engine and it is not a hybrid. RINO is totally environmentally friendly! It is 100% electric- powered by a pack of lithium ion batteries giving 48 volts. In accordance with the principle of “ zero emission”, the recharge of the battery can be made through a box equipped with solar canopies which guarantee the powering completely free.

No more air pollution
RINO does not emit any pollutions into the air or toward the driver as do thermic engines. RINO is completely electric and has two motors – one for traction and one to power the implements. There is a simple, trouble free, hydraulic circuit to raise and lower the implements.

Top acoustic comfort
it’s time to eliminate that unpleasant engine noise! With RINO, you can work in urban or noise sensible areas with a significant reduction of noise levels and incomparable comfort for those in the area! RINO’s low noise level will be appreciated in city centers, residential areas, golf courses, camp grounds, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. as well as inside buildings such as greenhouses.

Uncompromising productivity
RINO provides 17 kw of power for traction and for the implements so that it can be used with a wide variety of implements (flail-mower, bio-shredder, …) and it can be used for different applications such as mowing high grass and weeds with a horizontal flail-mower, mulching lawns with a finishing mower, etc. RINO is able to be used for a large variety of jobs and implements are being developed for specific applications. It has a standard triangle quick mount so that it can also be used with commercially available implements. The autonomy of battery is 9h 30 min in transport mode and from 4h 45 min to 6h 30 min when working. The battery can be recharged using a domestic network in 4 hours (at 2400w) or 8 hours (at 1200w).


A professional product
RINO is built for professional users. It has a comfortable driving position with a complete dashboard, a joystick for the lifting which can be locked in the floating position and a dial for controlling the direction and speed.